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AYURVEDIc Head- and Facial Massage
|SANSKRIT आद्य |

Facial massage, Facial, Ayurveda massage, relaxation

The Treatment

The head, neck area and face are the most sensitive parts of the body that need relief from daily stress factors. The oil massage of the head and face relieves tension, improves stress and anxiety as well as concentration problems and nourishes the skin with rich ingredients. After 60 minutes, a face mask can be applied according to individual wishes and the skin can then be nourished with a skin oil or a Shirahapichu, an oil-soaked cotton compress, can be placed on the head to achieve a larger area of ​​pressure and effect.

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Gesichtsbehandlung, Gesichtsmassage, Ayurveda, Massage, Facial

Shiroabhyanga light
30 min massage

facial treatment, facial massage, facial, Ayurveda, massage

Shiroabhyanga intense
60 min massage

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