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[ SANSKRITआयुर्वेद ]

AYURVEDA IS A HOLISTIC HEALTH PRINCIPLE that focuses on individual diet and lifestyle in order to SUPPORT each person to achieve their personal balance.

According to Ayurveda, a healthy lifestyle consists of the "three pillars of life": a balanced diet, adequate sleep, and a spiritual and emotional encounter with oneself. The philosophical basis of Ayurveda includes the theory of the five elements and the theory of the "gunas" - characteristics. The elements of ether, wind, fire, water, and earth are assigned 20 characteristics, which must be balanced depending on the imbalance. This imbalance is determined using the three doshas - Vata, Pitta, and Kapha - and can therefore be treated therapeutically.

Selbstbewusste Frau mit freiem Rücken

Only he has progressed in life,

whose heart has become softer,

whose blood has become warmer,

whose brain has become quicker and

whose spirit has entered into living peace.

 Swami Sivananda    

Ayurveda not only takes into account the interpersonal effect of massage, but also the health benefits that can be derived from it. I specialize in oil massages, am familiar with Ayurvedic medicinal oils and would like to take you on this journey that brings you into contact with yourself, your mind, your body and your health.

Körperbewusstsein, Wohlfühlen im eignen Körper


[ SANSKRITरसायन ]


Rasayana is a Sanskrit term that describes all methods of rejuvenating the body. If all tissues are nourished according to the individual constitution, we can live a long and healthy life. The Rasayana treatment focuses on the individual's appropriate diet and lifestyle and, above all, regular massages. This strengthens the essence of life that gives each of us light and vitality.


Rasayanas support the balance of the doshas and thus long-term health. In an age in which youth is glorified, Rasayanas have a special significance today because they improve one's own beauty and charisma from within. By improving digestion, metabolism, sleep, concentration and mental and physical performance, we are contributing to "better aging" on our own responsibility.


  • Weakness, burnout and long-term stress

  • Regeneration on a mental and physical level

  • Pre-, menopause and aging processes

  • "Anti-aging" or better aging

  • Weakness of the immune system

  • Skin aging

  • Cosmetics

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